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Mediation Services

We create an agreement pertaining to your separation that outlines what you and your spouse agree to relative to the following matters:
  • ​Equity Distribution - Division of assets and debts.  This includes categorizing assets as either marital or separate property, depending on when they were acquired.
  • Child Custody - Days and times that the child(ren) will be with each parent. Other considerations relative to child care may be documented, such as who is allowed to make health or education decisions.
  • Child Support - Leveraging state guidelines to establish support contributed by each parent and deviating where appropriate and defensible.
  • Alimony - If appropriate, a payment of support will be suggested for the dependent spouse based on the individual situation. 
Separation can be a financial burden, especially for those who have not managed household budgets and dealt with financial decisions.  We can assist you with budgeting and discipline to get you on track to deal with the stress of household management. Avoiding further debt and expenses that can be managed with financial guidance.
​​We can work with you to define and document the temporary agreements that may be required before the final  is completed.  This agreement may encompass some or all of the following: separation via secondary living arrangements, child support and custody, and alimony to support the primary residence.